The Tenacious Living with Cancer: Nutrition Basics program is a quick start, 3-session program that primarily focusses on nutritional oncology and feeding the body to encourage recovery.

The program is an evidence-based, one-on-one private coaching program designed to help cancer patients achieve better outcomes and offset the risk of cancer recurrence or metastasis through nutrition.   

It includes online Skype or telephone appointments and a full nutritional assessment. Assessments are followed up with a full nutritional program specific to your preferences.



Become empowered as an active participant in your cancer recovery

Mitigate risk factors through nutritional and personal coaching support

Accountability to keep you committed to your new journey

Enjoy a higher quality of life; increased energy, fewer side-effects and risk factors


Program Topics


Nutritional Oncology & Supplementation

Nutritional oncology is the application of nutrients whether through food or supplementation, that is indicated to lower the risk of many cancers, their treatment side effects - including secondary and recurrent cancers - and thereby contributing to an improved quality of life for cancer patients through their journey and post remission.

Over the course of the program we touch upon nutritional support, nutritional labelling, meal planning, organic foods, juicing, macronutrients, and much more.  

In addition, we review nutritional supplements and their role in reducing or eliminating risk factors and side effects and protecting against metastasis.


Program Outline

  • Session 1 – Initial Nutritional Assessment - 1.5 hours

    • Overview of Where You Are On Your Journey

    • Goal Setting and Getting Started

    • Transitioning to Clean, Cancer Friendly Foods

    Session 2 – Nutritional Oncology - Part 1: Digging into Nutrition - 1.5 hours

    • Outline Specific Strategies for You to Implement the Plan

    • Overview of the Macronutrients and Their Roles in the Daily Cancer Diet

    • Review the Importance of Organic v. Conventional Foods and the Benefits of Seaweed

    • Discuss the Importance of Portion Control, Obesity and Cancer

  • Session 3 – Nutritional Oncology- Part 2: Digging Deeper - 1.0 hours

    • Discuss the Power of Green Juices, Green Powders and Wheat Grass

    • Learn about Flax and Fibre

    • The Role of Supplementation on Your Cancer Journey


For more information on the Nutrition Basics quick start program, please contact Katherine Casey or click below to apply for and book your free Cancer Coaching Discovery Session.




Learn and live these changes for a higher quality of life during treatment, encourage a faster recovery and discourage secondary or recurrent cancers post remission.