Eat Real Food. Strengthen Your Body.  Support Your Soul.  Better Your Outcome.   It’s That Simple.


As a cancer survivor the battle never seems to be over. Not necessarily against the cancer itself but the battle to learn how to continue afterwards living in a different world and living with the collateral damage that cancer has left behind.  This is my reality so I decided to become a cancer coach in an attempt to provide guidance and to help anyone with cancer gain some control of their lives.  I hope to show you that you are not alone and perhaps a little bit of what I’ve learned along the way will help you as you begin or continue your own journey.

In October 2019, I will celebrate my eighth anniversary as a cancer survivor.  It’s not a club that I can say I ever wanted to join.  Unlike Club Med, there’s no catchy “hands up, baby hands up” song, no fruity drinks and no ocean breezes.  We have the dubious honour of being a club that no one is lining up to join.  Our club has a different mindset; it is a club of members who have lost that innocence of thinking that death is not going to happen to them for a long, long, long time.  For most people, regardless of age and despite being aware that death is inevitable, it is difficult to comprehend that it is not as distant as we would hope and, for some, it is devastatingly near.  It’s that innocence that keeps us sane.   Through diagnosis, treatment and finally survivorship where fear of recurrence is a daily companion, it’s near impossible not to lose this. 

After all the fear and speculation, when one finally hears the words, “You have cancer,” the world changes immediately.  It is upside down and inside out.  It’s surreal.  The nightmare becomes the new normal. 

“…mastectomy…” What did she say? How is this happening? I could feel the heat crawling up my chest, on my neck and burning my cheeks. The doctor continues, “... large tumour… margins...”. I can’t focus. I’m not ready for this; it’s not supposed to happen this way! " Cancer…… blood tests…”, she drones on. Deep breath, keep it together, don’t lose it… on and on she goes, until finally, “I’ll see you before surgery.” With that my friend and I are dismissed from the surgeon’s office. We make our way in a daze to the main lobby clinic for blood work and then out to the car. She gives me a hug and says some comforting words which are a blur. I am glad that she’s been with me every step of the way, but I can’t wait to get to my car so I can fall apart. As I sit behind the steering wheel, I glance in my review mirror as Bonnie pulls out of the parking lot. The full power of the nightmare in which I find myself washes over me and the tears begin to flow. It takes a full hour before I can even consider going home to my kids. I sit in the parking lot sobbing as I watch people leave the medical building … smiling and laughing … Just when I think I have it together, another wave hits me. As the clock nears 6 pm, I realize I have to go home to my kids; they’re waiting. I turn the key in the ignition and take a peek in the mirror at the crazed, red eyed woman staring back at me. “Get your shit together, they can’t see you like this”.

Sound all too familiar?  The details may be different; but the story is quite often the same.  Newly diagnosed cancer survivors find themselves in a world of unending terror.  We’re caught in a place where we have no control and go from appointment to appointment hearing a language we barely understand.  We are powerless.

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way?  What if we can take back a semblance of control?  A little bit of power? 

Cancer is a multi-faceted disease and as such needs a multi-faceted strategy to fight it.  Nutrition, exercise, family and a support network, a good medical team, a healthy, strong immune system, good digestion and detoxification all play important roles in striving for a better outcome. 

My job as a cancer coach is to help you make sense of the chaos.  My goal is to help you regain a sense of control so even though your world may feel like it’s sinking, I’m there to throw you a lifeline.

This program is that lifeline. Over the course of a 12-week program, we address issues encompassing body, mind & spirit, including your current situation, cancer management, nutritional oncology, supplementation, lifestyle, environmental links to cancer, cancer recovery and overall well being and inner peace.

So what’s the catch?

Your commitment. Your openness.  Your compliance. 

Cancer is a challenging time.  So why not get the support you need?