Cancer is a word, not a sentence.
— John Diamond

The Tenacious Living with Cancer: 6-week Intensive is an evidence-based, one-on-one private coaching program designed to help cancer patients achieve better outcomes and offset the risk of cancer recurrence or metastasis.   The 6-Week Intensive has over the course of many years been a hallmark of the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches, a subsidiary of Cancer Coach Professionals of America Inc.   

The 6-Week Intensive program is designed to help cancer patients and survivors gain control of their lives through lifestyle and nutritional modifications. The Intensive program offers a weekly 3-hour appointment, once per week for six weeks or a 3-hour appointment twice per week for three weeks, depending on the urgency of your care, plus regularly scheduled one-hour monthly appointments for one year, with phone and email support, as required. Each visit covers a topic or topics essential to maximizing treatment outcomes specific to your needs. 

It includes home visits or online via Skype, full nutritional assessment, full environmental assessment, full lifestyle assessment and psychosocial support.  Assessments are followed up with a full nutritional program, supplemental program with any contraindications specific to you (i.e., what vitamins and minerals you can or cannot take as supplements), as well as a full environmental detoxification and lifestyle program recommendations.

In addition, you will receive a full dietary program to support your conventional, 
integrative and holistic choices /options.

Handouts include workbook, supplies, CD's, DVD's, a lending library and so much more. 



Become empowered as an active participant in your cancer recovery

Identify and mitigate risk factors through nutritional, environmental, lifestyle, and personal coaching support

Continued accountability - monthly check-ins keep you committed to your new journey

Enjoy a higher quality of life; increased energy, fewer side-effects and risk factors


Program Outline

  • Week 1 – Patient Assessment – Optimizing Recovery Markers

  • Week 2 – Cancer Management

  • Week 3 – Nutritional Oncology – Feeding the Body to Encourage Apoptosis

  • Week 4 – Targeted Supplementation and Lifestyle Oncology

  • Week 5 – Environmental Links to Cancer and to Cancer Recovery

  • Week 6 – Cultivating Inner Peace

  • Weeks 7-52 - Regular monthly follow-up appointment


Program Topics


Nutritional Oncology & Supplementation

Nutritional oncology is the application of nutrients whether through food or supplementation, that is indicated to lower the risk of many cancers, their treatment side effects - including secondary and recurrent cancers - and thereby contributing to an improved quality of life for cancer patients through their journey and post remission.

Over the course of the program we touch upon nutritional support, nutritional labelling, meal planning, organic foods, juicing, and much more.  

In addition, we review nutritional supplements and their role in reducing or eliminating risk factors and side effects and protecting against metastasis.

Lifestyle Oncology

It is important that cancer patients and survivors are aware of the risk factors that lead to the diagnosis.  A complete assessment enables you to begin reversing risk factors and helps to encourage recovery and prevent recurrence.  

We work on breaking negative habits that may contribute to increasing risk factors, i.e., smoking, poor nutritional habits, etc.  In addition, we support you in incorporating new lifestyle habits to break the cycle that lead to the cancer diagnosis, such as deep breathing, qigong, rebounding, saunas, dry brushing, contrast showers, etc.

In terms of spiritual, mental and emotional wellness, we also review with you the importance of sleep, meditation, stress reduction, self-acceptance and expression, social connections, laughter, music and much more.

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Environmental Influences

The world is changing and when it comes to the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink, it is far from a positive change. 

We will go over your exposure to electromagnetic pollution, radiation, organochlorines, excessive estrogens and other environmental contaminants and review natural alternatives where available.

We will go over information on environmental toxins, products in your home, ingredients in your personal care products, etc. and ways to mitigate toxic exposure in these areas.

For more information on the 6-Week Intensive, please contact Katherine Casey or click below to apply for and book your free Cancer Coaching Discovery Session.




Learn and live these changes for a higher quality of life during treatment, encourage a faster recovery and discourage secondary or recurrent cancers post remission.